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What Can the Japanese Tsunami Teach Us About Prepping for Emergencies?

The truth is that none of us should ever be too proud to ask for help. Many survivalists sit back and brag about all of the guns and beans they have stored up, but if their house was swept away by a disaster what would they be forced to do? They would be forced to turn to someone else for help. The reality is that we all need a little assistance from time to time. Don't be too proud to give some help and don't be too proud to ask for some help. So what are some things that all of us can be doing right now to start preparing for disasters and emergencies? Well, in a previous article I listed a few things that can be done by most people.... #1 Become Less Dependent On Your Job #2 Get Out Of Debt #3 Reduce Expenses #4 Purchase Land #5 Learn To Grow Food #6 Find A Reliable Source Of Water #7 Explore Alternative Energy Sources #8 Store Supplies #9 Protect Your Assets With Gold And Silver #10 Learn Self-Defense #11 Keep Yourself Fit #12 Make Friends That last point is very important. It is key to have a network of friends and family around the country that you could depend upon in a pinch.

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