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Aggressive Power and Immoral Authority

SARTRE, Contributing Writer

Another sad chapter from a desperate imperial empire lays naked for the entire world to see. The pretense that an international community of nations has arbitrary authority to remove any government that conflicts with the master plan of total global enslavement exposes the utter failure of legitimacy. By what moral mandate do belligerent nations have to insight regime change, when the facts clearly demonstrate that conflicting tribal factions are engaged in a civil conflict?

The psychosis exhibited by the War Party and their allies for domination of world energy resources is at the core of a hostile and malevolent foreign policy. The drive to eliminate Muammar Gaddafi and colonize Libya’s oil into friendly corporatist hands is a game that is again, repeated under the guise of humanitarian intervention.

When will western nations learn the lessons of two world wars and the carnage that follows from employing military intercession, when direct intrusion is not justified? Jingoistic fervor always emboldens a crumbling financial system that urgently needs another excuse to boost prices to ridiculous levels in order to service debts already in default.

The manipulated mass media unleashes their propaganda machine and dutifully demonizes another foe of the global command and control cabal. Rabid NeoCons push their pro Zionist script as Progressive stooges fall in line behind their messiah and Manchurian Candidate Wall Street puppet.

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