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Syria & Yemen: Tying up Globalist Loose Ends


Tony Cartalucci
Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Once again, “claims” and “allegations” herald broader western meddling in the Middle East under the guise of the suspiciously ubiquitous “Arab Spring.” As the global corporate-financier oligarchy directs US, British, and French planes to bomb yet another Arab nation, their media tentacles are searching for sensationalism and sympathy in Syria to bolster destabilization efforts on the ground. Indeed the “Otpor fist” that heralded unrest from Tunisia to Egypt is now being “raised” in Syria.

In a recent TIME magazine article titled, “Arab Spring: Is a Revolution Starting Up in Syria?,” it cites “descriptions” of protests, “claims” of government brutality, and “alleged details” of protesters rising up against the Syrian government, long slated for removal by the global corporate-financier oligarchs.

Yemen as well, cited as an example of Western hypocrisy for not garnering it’s own UN “no-fly zone” in reality doesn’t need one, as the British created and managed Muslim Brotherhood and elements within the Yemeni army are already on their way to ousting President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Mohammed Qahtan, Yemen’s Al-Islah (Muslim Brotherhood) leader, is leading the calls to oust Saleh from power, not “the people of Yemen.” In a March 23, 2011 Reuters report, Qahtan was quoted as warning Saleh, “We will arrive where you are and we will remove you.” In the same report, the US gives yet another shocking display of feigned surprise over the Middle East upheaval, voicing concerns that Saleh’s ouster would be a blow to their fight against “Al Qaeda.” As we will soon see, such upheaval has been in the works for 20 years, and this dishonesty now being portrayed since the unrest began in Tunisia is yet another look into the bottomless well of depravity from which our “leadership” reigns.


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