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Drug Wars Push Deeper Into Central America

• NY Times
“She was trying to tell me something,” he said, a day after the funeral for Daisy Oviedo Mejía, 22, who died in a storm of bullets while watching her brother play soccer a few weeks ago. “But she couldn’t. I gave her mouth-to-mouth but there was too much blood.”

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Sorry,. you lost me at "drug scourge."  As if "drugs" go around opening fire on unarmed women and children.  (FYI -- they don't)  Drugs don't cause violence; war, by definition, does.  Wars, regardless of how just or noble the cause, kill people.  This particular war is being waged for the noble cause of destroyong human life and liberty.  If you object to the violence, demand an end to the war.  If you support the war, accept that the violence will continue as well.  Good news is, next time you want to point your finger at a "scourge," you need look no further than your own mirror. 

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