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Total Recall

• Free Patriot Press
The topic of Presidential impeachment has been raised once again. Ralph Nader said in an interview on Democracy Now that President Obama should be impeached for the same reasons that President George W. Bush should have been impeached. Though, I'm not holding my breath for the Congress to act on impeachment. I began to think of alternate ways to remove an elected official that has violated their oath of office. Most people will say, “We have a way of removing them; we just have to wait until the election.” Just imagine if you owned a business and were bound to your employees for two, four or six years regardless of how they performed. Surely, if they were bad employees, you'd want to find a way to remove them from the position. Currently 19 States permit the recall of state officials and in at least 29 States (some sources place this number at 36), recall elections may be held in local jurisdictions.(National Conference of State Legislatures) However State laws on recall do not affe

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