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Pissed beyond words—Liberty Dollar verdict is WRONG - by Kent McManigal

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I have to admit it: I feel enraged.

Something in the news has made me more angry than I ever remember being about something that didn't hit me personally. That "something" is the conviction of Bernard VonNothaus of the Liberty Dollar.


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Comment by David McElroy
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The Liberty Dollar case with VonNothaus's conviction is just another great example of how it is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. 

There is no rhyme nor reason in Uncle Sam's courts, no justice in his Dept. of Justice. Federal tyranny simply does as it pleases by force or fraud and could care less what we think of it.  There are no "Checks and Balances" in the system. The President decides what laws are unconstitutional, and which he will or will not obey or enforce, ruling by fiat. Courts enact laws from the bench, and even advocate incorporating foreign law in their decisions.  Congress only engages in trivial "Dog & Pony" shows and fails to exercise any meaningful oversight or control over anything but their own largess, completely failing to actually represent "We the People" or these less united states. Corruption is rampant and treason blatant. Follow the money. VonNothaus was right, but he was wronged. Nothing new in this travesty, sadly.  Banksters rule!

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