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GE: "Imagination at Work" in Building the Corporate State

• Miles Mogulescu, HuffPost
I was watching Meet the Press on Sunday as a panel of Washington insiders offered a variety of views from across the political spectrum ranging from A to B. Halfway through the program an authoritative-sounding voice interjected itself into the proceedings to announce, "Meet the Press is Sponsored by GE: Imagination at Work" while a GE "Imagination at Work" logo filled the screen.

And I thought, there you have it: The perfect embodiment of the emerging corporate state in which discussion of our economics and politics is dominated by a handful of multinational conglomerates; the middle class is hollowed out; wealth is concentrated in the top 1% who pay a lower and lower percentage of their personal and corporate income in taxes as the government is increasingly unable to afford basic services like public schools; political leaders blame teachers and unions for our financial plight and undermine collective bargaining; corporate functionaries rotate between business and government; corporations can make unlimited donations to political candidates who advance their interests; and the Washington pundit class calls on politicians to have the "courage" to cut Social Security and Medicare because "America is broke and we can no longer afford it".

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