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Old news: Country's as cultural melting pots

• The Political Commentator
That concept seems to be no more! Is the Islamization of America occurring as we speak? It is happening all around Europe and it may be happening in the United States as well! Whatever happened to the concept of a melting pot? You know the idea. People from one country would, for a variety of reasons, move to another country to find a "better" way of life? They strive to work hard and adapt. They learn about the culture and, while not losing their personal heritage and traditions, become a part of the framework of their newly adopted home. This idea seems to be no more! The cultural assimilation of newly settled citizens of the Muslim faith in much of Europe has been deemed a failure. This is in conjunction with these welcoming countries fighting to preserve their own existing culture that has been in existence for many hundreds of years. So what exactly is assimilation? It is defined as people of different backgrounds coming to see themselves as part of a larger national

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