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UFO Mystery Video: E.T., Black Ops, or Something Else?


Residents of Lafayette, Colo., reported seeing a "strange formation of lights" in the night sky last week, causing excitement among both locals and the UFO community. Two eyewitnesses, Leroy van der Vegt and his son Nick, even managed to videotape the strange encounter. Their short video clip has become a YouTube sensation, helping spur what Fox News called a "UFO frenzy" in Colorado.

The three strange, bright red lights did not blink, but were instead continuous. They hovered in the air, changed formation, and then moved northeast before fading away after a few minutes. Van der Vegt stated that while he doesn't necessarily think it was an extraterrestrial spacecraft, he's certain it was not a satellite, nor a man-made aircraft such as a helicopter or plane. "It was completely quiet. No noise at all," he said.


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