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The 'optics' of Odyssey Dawn

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Odyssey Dawn, at least for now, is the first United States Africom war. The Pentagon, via Vice Admiral Bill Gortney, dispelled any doubts as he stressed that the "leading edge" is American. Homer is played by General Carter Ham, out of his headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany (no African country bothered to host Africom). And Ulysses - in what looks and sounds more like an Iliad than an Odyssey - is commander of Joint Task Force Odyssey Dawn Admiral Sam Locklear, on board USS Mount Whitney somewhere in the Mediterranean. 

The White House and the Pentagon war planners bet their "unique capabilities" on a mini-remix of the "shock and awe" of the Iraq war. The problem is Colonel Muammar Gaddafi appears to be neither shocked nor awed; he may be angry - as in his photo op this Tuesday at the Bab al-Aziziya compound - but he hasn't cracked up. And his regime is fighting back, not turning against the colonel.

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