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"Dry Rain" on a Blue Sky Day in Phoenix, Arizona, March 30, 2011

• jabberskywatcher
Late this afternoon, I was outdoors and I was checking out the sky and the air quality looked very poor. My sister had told me in the morning that she saw "dry rain" coming down...I looked and I saw lots of white stuff in the air. But I wasn't prepared for what my camera caught coming down from the sky. Some of this could be pollen.....but it looks fiber like, and I've seen this before when its not high pollen season. I also find many "stringy fibery things" all over the outdoor plants on days like today...and I saw that this morning also. Is this "fallout" from the aerosol spray planes that spray the lines in the sky....some say yes it is. And that it is smart dust or polymer fibers coming down, along with heavy metals like aluminum and barium. for more also watch "What in the World Are They Spraying" on you tube. check out WE IN PHOENIX HAVE A THEFT OF SUNLIGHT! We now live in a cloudy desert. Thanks to the illegal geoengineering, planet wide....spread the word. Do we want to breathe this? Our kids? Any living thing?????

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Comment by Cindy Henwood
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2 days ago, we experienced the same thready rubbish falling from the sky on the Thames Coast in the North Island of New Zealand. We are hammered daily with chem trails. I have watched them disperse rain clouds before my eyes and I have witnessed an amazing summer, entirely man made. I have been a gardener for many years and have been somewhat educated as to some of the other effects of chem trails this summer. Completely failed crops right across this and other regions, huge drop in honey bee numbers. Pummeling rain for the entire flowering season of fruit trees. If you dig deep enough, I'm sure you will find Monsanto mixed up in this somehow.

Comment by Todd Caraher
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 GET A SAMPLE. Plain white paper, clear bowl with lid. Take it to an independent test lab (look them up, or your local health dept can give you a list). Or take it to a University. Video is good, but a sample test is great. Look for heavy metals.

Comment by Marilee Erickson
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I live in the White Mt.s of AZ.The chemtrails are rampant here, too! Today, April 2, the skies are filled with "clouds" with scalar waves in them. The blue skies I awoke to this a.m. are GONE!! What are we, as concerned citizens, to do? I have personally re Cliff Carnicom's experiment of capturing air, electrollicizing it after filtering it thru an aquarian pump, and watched the water turn blue and seen the little organisms floating in that solution. Took it to a local college lab to have it analyzed, and it was returned to me with a "I don't know what this is" response in a BIOHAZARD bag, by the scientist there.

Comment by Shirley Goodwin
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 I live in Phoenix and I have hundreds of pictures of Chemtrails being laid over Phoenix.  In the last few months the Chemtrails have been laid either at night or everyday. I have my own views on who is laying the Chemtrails at and a lot of photos to back up my views.

Comment by David McElroy
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 Poor air quality was one reason I left Phoenix in 2003. This crap in the sky is not there by chance and the culprits dispersing it will not be apprehended or stopped because the big boys of the New World Order are behind it. They see our deaths as a positive thing for their bottom lines. Get out of Phoenix (the target) and head for the hills! Mountains always have better air circulation.

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