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Dramatic Spike in UFO activity in Japan preceded Earthquake... and predicted by British Government!

• Dave Masko -
A major increase in reported UFO sightings in Japan preceded the country's massive earthquake and continue today. The sightings, numbering anywhere from hundreds to thousands depending on the source. were initially spread across Japan, but have become more centralized over areas heavily damaged during the earthquake and subsequent tsunami. Perhaps more compelling is that previously secret British Government documents predicted just such UFO activity spikes prior to large scale disasters. The study,discovered amongst 8500 pages of recently released UFO related reports, notes a significant UFO presence "during times of world crisis." The declassified report also refers to a U.S. study by Dr. Josef Allen Hynek, a study which remains classified. Seemingly ignored by western media, the UFO sightings were reported by China's Xinhua news.

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