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World Wide Revolution, or New World Order Enslavement? by Szandor Blestman

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I remember listening to a conversation when I was a child, maybe a little more than ten years old. It occurred between two young men that I held great respect for. These young men were highly intelligent, geniuses even, and I knew it. So did they. The discussion they were having revolved around the nature of a one world government. I don't even know if they realized I was listening and likely they wouldn't remember that conversation today. What they were saying was that a one world government would be great and benevolent to mankind if it was run by the smartest of the smart who would guide humanity on a better path. Even back at that tender age I understood that there was something inherently wrong with such a position, but I didn't speak up back then as I was too young and shy.

I can speak up now. I'm an adult now. I no longer feel the need to hide my thoughts and feelings. I no longer feel the need to hold in such reverence and esteem those who consider themselves highly intelligent. I will listen to what they have to say, I will hear and measure their input and consider their expertise in relevance to the matter at hand, but in the end I will make my own judgment. In some matters, even the most highly reasoned person can be wrong. In some matters, even an argument that sounds quite scientifically sound, reasoned, truthful and for the greater good can hide extreme evil.

A high IQ is not the end all, be all. It does not make a person better than the rest of us. It does not even make a person smarter. It just makes them good at taking certain types of tests. We are all quite intelligent in our own ways. The ability to reason is not the only form or intelligence. There is a certain intelligence in emotion also. There is a certain intelligence in empathy. There is a certain intelligence in feelings that go beyond emotions and physical sensation. There is a certain intelligence in the ability to seek, understand or know spirituality. To be human is to be a mix of all these things and other qualities that are even more difficult to pin down or explain. Those who have an overabundance in some areas may be quite lacking in others.

There is change happening in the world of today, but then there is always change happening. At this particular time, however, there seems to be major upheavals occurring. This seems to be happening both in the natural world, and in mankind's psychological realm. Some have asked if all these events are happening in a natural way or by someone's design. There is a lot of speculation occurring in certain circles that a hidden hand is guiding these events.

I don't know if this is true or not. I think that perhaps the events we see occurring in the world today are a mixture of influences. To try to reason otherwise always seems to be lacking in some way or another. It does seem that people across the globe are seeking positive change. They are tired of the status quo. They are tired of struggling through their lives and having nothing to show for their hard work. People are looking for something different, something they've never been able to have, something they've never been able to achieve.

I don't know if the common folk realize exactly what they're looking for. They simply know they don't like the direction their lives have taken and they seem to think that changing those who rule over them will help. Maybe they are looking for something different. To put it simply, I think that people are looking for freedom. I think they are looking for the ability to determine their own fate in life. I think they are looking for the ability to earn a better life. I think they wish to be able to own private property and not have to worry about it being taken by heartless overlords and bureaucrats who believe that laws and dictates are a higher authority than humanity, common decency, and right versus wrong.

Those at the top of the heap don't wish the rest of mankind to achieve the freedom they long for. This would cut into their power. This would mean an end to the control they wish to have. These elites, as I like to call them, have always led privileged lives. It seems to me that they don't think like common folk. They seem to believe themselves to be superior. They seem to believe that they know best. What they may or may not realize is that often the actions they plan are not in the best interests of mankind or even the natural world, regardless of the stories they might tell themselves, they are almost always in the best interests of the elite privileged class. They fear that if they lose the control they have, if they stop regulating and give the common folk the opportunity to compete with them on an even playing field, that they will lose the wealth they horde.

It may well be that some underlying force has planned many of the revolutions and protests that are occurring in the world. It may be that these popular uprisings happened organically and the elite are scrambling to take control of them as best they can. I doubt very much that the power elite would be able to simply leave things to fate, such is their arrogance. Whatever the case there is one thing I am certain of. People are tired of their enslavement. They are tired of war and poverty and hunger. They want a better life for themselves and their progeny. They want more say in their own destinies. They are tired of the tyranny and don't want to be forced into some centralized new world order that removes accountability from the elite and dictates from the top down to the masses.

My hope is that peace prevails. My hope is that people can recognize the wolf in sheep's clothing when it appears. Should you be involved in peaceful protests, should you get involved in a group looking to voice its dissent and disagreement with establishment policies, reject any and all who would advocate violence as a means of affecting change. Let it be known that it is not the common folk in the streets that resort to violence. Expose the fact that it is government agents who are the violent ones. Let it be known that it is those in positions of power and privilege who resort to violence to maintain their positions. It is the common folk and the man on the street who restrain themselves. It is they who wish to live in peace. It is mostly those who have already obtained power that are advocating violence and willing to use it.


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