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Stern: Undermining the gov. is not terrorism

• The Rocky Mountain Collegian
On March 18, 2011, the federal government fired another salvo in the war against their bankrupt, oligarchic, despotic, power-hungry, corrupt and failing organization. Though my feelings and thoughts on the federal government have been thoroughly presented previously, inevitably some will again accuse me of taking an “us versus them,” mentality. To those naysayers I respond, again, damn straight. The Framers of the Constitution –– the document that created the federal government –– designed the federal level of government as a servant for the collective will of the states to serve their united needs. What we have now instead is a beast draining the life from the economy, the states, the resolve of our allies and for the last decade, the rights of citizens. As the quote goes, “don’t steal, the government hates competition.” The trial against Bernard von NotHaus on charges of conspiracy and counterfeiting initiated because the federal government does not want other forms of ex

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