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Stanley Adds Biometrics Iris Scanners To It's Tool Kit

The firm announced a partnership with iris recognition technology firm Hoyos Corporation whereby Stanley CSS will serve as the exclusive distributor for Hoyos in the U.S. and in Europe. The solution is one of iris recognition, but forget what you think of as iris recognition. With Hoyos' solution, iris recognition doesn't mean pressing your face up to an iris scanner. Instead, the key part of Hoyos' pitch is that iris recognition technology can work on the go, in high-throughput environments, processing up to 50 persons a minute according to Stanley CSS' Tony Byerly. Using a megapixel camera mounted in a reader that has special near infrared lights, the system can capture and enroll your iris patterns in just a few seconds. The hardware here is fairly unobtrusive, and the camera/reader can be mounted on a pedestal at eye level in conjunction with a turnstile access point, or as Stanley CSS and Hoyos were demonstrating, it can even be mounted over a door portal, quite a few feet above and away from the subject. The chief benefit again is throughput; rather than walking up to a reader mounted on a wall a few feet from the door, the technology can be integrated into standard walking entrance patterns, requiring the user to simply glance up at the imager/reader as they enter.

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