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A Dystopian Future Where America Will Kick Old People To The Curb

In the film, a world with insufficient resources maintains its equilibrium by killing everyone over the age of 30 (in the original book, the age was 21). The narrative revolves around how people are tracked through imprints in their hands, and how the protagonist tries to escape. It’s just a movie, but it taps into American fears about who makes these choices, and how they make them. With 30% of Medicare expenses taking place in the last year of life, and with government healthcare spending outstripping education spending by 10x over the last 50 years, this issue will be very hard to sort out.

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 Kick this article to Frosty Wooldridge who hallucinates of a dystopian future where older Americans -- his favorite whip is aging immigrants -- should be killed or eliminated to maintain the balance of population.  His macabre daydreamimg sickness is this delusional belief that by maintaining just the right number of population will create the good life ... his imagined Utopia!

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