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65 Ways Everything That You Own Is Being Systematically Taken Away

#1 Do you think that you own your house? You might want to think again. Most Americans that “own a home” are paying a mortgage. If you stop paying that mortgage you will lose that home. Over a million American families were kicked out of their homes last year. This year a million more American families will get the boot. But when those families get booted out onto the street they don’t get their down payments back. They don’t get all the mortgage payments that they have made back. The banks get to keep all of the money and all of the houses. Perhaps you don’t have a mortgage. Does that mean that you “own your home”? No, not really. Just refuse to pay your property taxes and watch what happens. At best you can say that you have the right to rent your home from the government. In any event, the reality is that the banks now own more of “our homes” than we do. During the most recent recession, the total amount of U.S. home equity owned by the banks surpassed the total amount of U.S. home equity owned by the rest of us for the first time ever. Things used to be far different in this country. Once upon a time American families owned most of the houses and most of the land in this nation. But now the banks own most of it. Sadly, most American families that believe that they “own homes” are actually enslaved to 20 or 30 year debt contracts. #2 Do you think that you own your car? You don’t own it if you are still making payments on it. If you stop making payments you will rapidly lose that car. But even if your car is paid off, you can only operate that car if you do the following…. *You must pay the license fee *You must pay the car registration fee *You must pay the emissions inspection fee

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