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Rogue Corrupt Officials In ROWAN COUNTY KY CIRCUIT 21 COURT

• Roger
According To the story : On April 5th 2011 My husband was travelling peacefully to a ladies how to assist her with some work she had to do. He had a current active FMCSA registration number for his private auto and had a self-insurance policy with a 508 ministry group. A woman driving a civilian car kept following on his tail very close and she called out her boyfriend who was a police and wanted him to arrest my husband. He had not been speeding or done anything wrong. He & my father were wearing seatbelts and were horrified at the way things transpired. My husband identified himself as a living flesh man and showed his private registrant status from the FMCSA. Everything was thrown out and they arrested him and are holding him on many falsified charges such as no seatbelt for child...when no children were in the car, no seatbelts, when he WAS wearing a seatbelt. They charged him six charges for no registration written in six different ways so as to tack on enough charges to say it

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