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Bradley Manning: The 2011 TIME Man of the year

Bradley Manning is the man who is being tortured in prison without ever being to trail for exposing the government and their WICKEDNESS.  It is par for the course to see the zombies have placed actor Rain at the top of their list.  Makes me Sick.
Without Bradley Manning, you're unlikely ever to have heard of Julian Assange. It was Manning's alleged leak of more than a quarter of a million classified U.S. diplomatic cables that turned WikiLeaks into a household name and Assange into the bête noire of government secrecy. Manning allegedly got access to the documents while on a tour of duty in Iraq. Needless to say, criminals in the government want to make an example out of him, and Manning is being tortured and held in solitary confinement in Quantico, Va., pending court martial. Meanwhile, publicly questioning the harsh conditions of Manning's incarceration cost State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley his job.
ooh boy this guy P.J. Crowley lost his job I feel so sorry for him.  At least he is not be held in conditions so abhorant it boggles the mind to imagine how Bradley Manning is handling it.

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