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LAPD Using Intel Networks in Fight Against Terror

Police are using a combination of aggressive spy operations and community outreach to counter what Deputy Police Chief Michael P. Downing called the growing threat of Mumbai-style terrorist attacks - car bombings and small-arms-equipped suicide teams. The biggest fear I have is just what I don't know [...] [T]he top priority is countering violent, ideological extremism from several Muslim communities in the region made up of diaspora from Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and elsewhere. Most of the communities are linked to their home nations and are quick to respond to events there, something the police monitor closely. Chief Downing identified the main terrorism threats as violent Islamists such as al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas, along with three other terrorist categories: black separatists, white supremacist-sovereign citizen extremists, and animal rights terrorists. [What? No Mexicans or Chinese? Is there anyone that's not a terrorist?]

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