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France Expects to Wipe Out Oldest Profession


Sex clients could be fined, jailed under proposed law ... Sex clients could be fined, jailed under proposed law. An association of French prostitutes has slammed a parliamentary report recommending that paying for sex should be criminalised. Published on Wednesday, the report recommends a €3,000 fine and up to six months in jail for those who solicit sex. Prostitution is not illegal in France, but procuring or soliciting other people for sex is. Penned by lawmakers Danielle Bousquet (Socialist Party) and Guy Geoffrey (ruling UMP), the report argues that, "Punishing clients would make them understand that they are engaged in a form of exploitation. – France 24

Dominant Social Theme: Having established fairness and equity in Libya and the Ivory Coast, the French now prepare to solve the problem of prostitution.

Free-Market Analysis: In a libertarian society, many of the current wars (such as the war on drugs) would be seen as unnecessary. People could do as they pleased so long as they did not hurt others. But despite the literally millions pages of documentary evidence that shows laws that target personal behavior are ineffective and unproductive, such laws persist. Now France, upending a century's old tradition of tolerance, is contemplating making patronizing prostitution a crime. Read More Here

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