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Your Guide to 21 Awesome DIY Projects

  1 Tweeting moisture sensor for houseplants

Perennial plant killers rejoice: The open source Botanicalls uses moisture sensors and an Ethernet connection to let your leafy friend tweet you when it’s thirsty.
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2 Arduinome midi controller

Put on your shiny helmet and go DIY Daft Punk with Arduinome, a maker-friendly version of the Monome USB Midi controller.
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3 High-power LED bike light

Inexpensive and easy to make, this project delivers a rugged LED bicycle light with three settings.
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4 Tweeting power meter

For those interested in reducing their carbon footprint—or just saving a bit of money—Adafruit’s Tweet-a-Watt kit wirelessly keeps tabs on power usage, broken down by outlet.
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5 Laser-cut table

Make an easy-to-assemble table that breaks down quickly and packs flat for storage. A striking silhouette and Banksy theme earn it extra style points.
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6 Laser trip wire

For security (and shenanigans) worthy of Ferris Bueller, set up this laser to detect parents, roommates, and other snoops.
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