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LIBYAN REBEL WAR CRIMES: The Videos America Doesn’t Want You To See


Yesterday we published footage from a town destroyed by Qaddafi’s rockets: Libyan Rebels Risk Death To Bring You This Video.

But even as Qaddafi commits atrocities, the rebels are engaged in some of the same violence. And Washington has been forced to look the other way.

We received the following email complaining of biased coverage. The reader links to a dozen videos showing atrocities committed by the rebels.


Dear Sir,
I am surprised with your title… It seems to me there was no risk because everyday the Libyan Rebels post at the you-tube videos taken from their mobile on what they do to soldiers, civilians who do not follow their beliefs…
These videos you do not show them to your public you are desperately to show only the good side but unfortunately for people who do not believe the west media they search the internet and they find quite a lot of videos that your so called rebels risk their lives evryday to bring videos of how Qaddafi has massacred his people… here are some links that u can see for your self. the boy that the rebels beat up because he supported the gov… here some girls from Benghazi who are not with the rebels where raped by the Rebels the peaceful with risk to bring the videos to the public… she is calling for the Libyan army to come to save them!!!–Hs0&feature=uploademail they are doing it just like the americans.. humiliating sexually – that is a direct evidence of the rebel-CIA connection

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