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Eyes Wide Shut: Will Newt Gingrich Ever Recognize The Debt Bomb?

"Grow the economy" and "avoid the debt bomb" eh? Listen to Gingrich. And listen to Kudlow: "growth, a strong stock market and budget surpluses." Oh really? During Gingrich's time, was there growth or was it all faked through more and more debt? What do the facts tell you? There was no actual growth. That "growth" was scammed via more and more borrowing. All through the 1980s and 1990s, and then through the 2000s. There was no "economic boom" under Reagan. It was a lie and a scam. We hit the wall in 2007 but the fact of the matter is that 2007 wasn't where it started, it was simply when we ran out of suckers. Gingrich is a damned liar and if these are our options it's time to head for the bunker and close the door, because we're headed for Zombieland, and this is coming from a guy who gave Gingrich quite a bit of money and once had one of his "Speaker's Gavels" on his credenza (since burned as an act of protest and effigy aimed at Gingrich and the fraud he represents.)

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