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Egypt’s Revolution Has Just Begun


There has been a revolution in Egypt, but we still don’t know what kind it is, how far will it go, and who stands to gain.

Last week, deposed president Husni Mubarak and his two sons were arrested and are facing judicial interrogation. Egyptians are jubilant. Few Egyptians believed the man they called "Pharaoh" would ever face justice for his decades of torture, repression, and massive corruption.

The armed forces were loathe to see former air force general Mubarak face arrest, but they finally threw him and his two sons to the wolves to placate mounting public demands for retribution against former leaders of the hated old regime. The junta bought some time for itself.

But the fact remains, in spite of Mubarak’s fall, not much has changed in Egypt. Though there have been a few other token arrests of former high officials, the Old Guard of generals and bureaucrats still rules Egypt. An intensifying struggle goes on behind the scenes between the military and the fragmented democratic opposition. So far, the military retains an iron grip on Egypt in spite of noisy street demonstrations.

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