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US Military Theatre Expands Again


U.S. to use Predator drones in Libya . . . President Barack Obama has approved the use of armed Predator drones in Libya, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday. Gates suggested that the unmanned Predator missions may have already begun. – CNN

Dominant Social Theme: Whatever it takes to free Libya from this tyrant, Barack Obama is prepared to do.

Free-Market Analysis: We have written a good deal about America's foreign wars, which just seem to keep expanding. We're not sure what the rationale is or whether America can support these recent conflicts, but the Pentagon seems confident that it can keep adding to its burdens without reducing combat effectiveness or "breaking the bank."

The addition of a shoot-to-kill drone-program in Libya is one more example of the unlimited budget that seems to accompany these sorts of episodes. Cost is not an object anymore; open-ended military episodes are popping up with disturbing regulatory. The debate over whether the US (in support of NATO) is the "bad boy" policeman of the Western seems over. The answer, despite America's mounting deficits, seems to be the affirmative.

It's becoming a sub-dominant social theme of sorts, that the West must support nascent democracies wherever they bloom, especially if the rebellions are taking place in a country where a despotic tyrant has ruled for decades. What is left unsaid, among other things, is that the West itself and particularly the Anglo-American power elite has backed most of these dictators with loans, military technology and, most importantly, the credibility that comes from being perceived as a valuable ally.


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