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Sidestepping studios to bring 'Atlas Shrugged' to the big screen


Ayn Rand attempted something so massive in "Atlas Shrugged" that, for 50 years, no one could figure out how to film it. And I don't mean just that it's a thousand-page book.

Growing up in Russia, Rand saw how socialism could destroy not just an economy, but the moral framework of a nation. She fled to America and promptly saw the same seductive culture of looting taking root here in Roosevelt's cynical "New Deal."

What Rand's brilliance illuminated was the critical realization that, as bad as the looters and redistributors are, they prevail only by insidiously recruiting their very victims to become "enablers."

She saw how America treats a self-made man who says, "I'm proud of my wealth; it's the creation of my brilliance and the sweat of my brow, and I don't owe you any of it."

The posturing parasites of "the state" -- abetted by the media and government-run youth propaganda camps -- droningly propagandize that the producers are greedy profiteers with no conscience. As a result, taxes and regulations multiply, sapping the producers' vigor and wealth, all under the guise of "making them pay their fair share" and "spreading the wealth."


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