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Into The Economic Abyss

So, you have the American people pulling towards transparency and sovereignty, and you have the globalists pulling towards more secrecy, more unaccountability, and more centralization. Story as old as time, right? Perhaps the stakes are higher this go-around… If global banks have their way, we are facing, at minimum: Full Housing Collapse Full Credit Collapse Grid Failures State And Municipal Defaults National Default Energy Crisis Food Crisis Civil Unrest Increased Crime Reduction Of Civil Liberties Martial Law How these incidents play out in the end is dependent upon the reactions of the citizenry. Placation will result in the complete loss of Constitutional freedoms. Rage could result in civil war. There are no easy answers. There are no magic bullets that remove all obstacles. This IS the reality we are facing in the near term, and there is little left to question. I am personally shifting away from economic analysis because I feel that the problems are so numerous and so evident that it makes little sense for me to point them out much longer. The elephant in the room has been noticed.

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