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Sega Bombs, Magnet Mines: Terror Tech from WikiLeaks’ Gitmo Files


Remember this the next time you plug in your Sega Genesis for some throwback gameplay: al-Qaida once wanted to set off bombs concealed in your game cartridges.

That’s just one of the baroque examples of the terror group’s experimental techniques in mayhem. More than 90 documents relating to detainees at Guantanamo Bay disclosed by the anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks detail several others. Allegedly, al-Qaida had a nuclear bomb as early 2004. It wanted to use magnets to set mines on U.S. Navy ships. And it thought altimeter watches would make good detonators.

Now: No one knows how much of the information contained in WikiLeaks’ “Gitmo Files” is true. Indeed, it’s best to take the files with a shaker full of salt.

Information on the detainees comes from a variety of dubious sources: fragmentary info from when they were captured, which is often a hash of battlefield confusion; Gitmo snitches looking to win their freedom; and torture, especially in the case of detainees housed for years in hidden CIA prisons known as black sites.

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