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Internet ID: Northrop Grumman, and Microsoft To Profit From Your Enslavement

The Obama Administration on April 15th launched an initiative to create an ‘Identity Ecosystem’ to improve the privacy, security and convenience of sensitive online transactions. The vision is to create an ecosystem whereby individuals, businesses, and other organizations enjoy greater trust and security as they conduct sensitive transaction online. The ecosystem would enable consumers who want to participate to obtain a single ‘trusted credential’ from a public agency or private secure ID provider that can then be used to obtain access and conduct transactions with online businesses without having to give confidential personal information to each business as is the case right now. It is anticipated that the ‘trusted credential’ would reside as a secure application on your mobile device, as a smart card or on another device like a key fob. Many privacy advocates will be somewhat relieved to know that the system would allow you to remain anonymous like when surfing the web or in internet chat rooms, unless you choose to use the system to conduct secure online transactions as in online banking or e-commerce. The ‘Identity Ecosystem’ is needed to make online transactions convenient and secure, and thereby enable the online infrastructure to keep pace with and support the growth and innovation in online activities such as shopping, banking, social networking and accessing your employer’s intranet.

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