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Ivory Coast Revolution Runs Into Civil War Realities?


The danger is that in much of Africa, former imperialists are suspected of being imperialists still, which could make the development of international law appear to be a mere power play. This is even clearer in Côte d'Ivoire: it is the UN that explicitly demanded that France, the only foreign presence, implement the resolution that ratified Ouattara as the elected president and Gbagbo as the usurper. France did the job rather well, leaving, for example, the arrest of Gbagbo to Quattara's forces. Civil war was averted. It is, in fact, pure stupidity to believe that France is trying to restore its defunct empire. – Project Syndicate

Dominant Social Theme: France's role in Ivory Coast politics was short and surgical. The 21st century is not the 20th.

Free-Market Analysis: Michel Rocard (left), former Prime Minister of France and a former leader of the Socialist Party has penned an article (excerpt above), in which he has expressed relief that since the French "did their job well" civil war in the Ivory Coast has been averted. Below we will take a look at whether this is actually true or not. It is certainly something of a dominant social theme of the Western power elite – that the bad old days of colonialism have come and gone, and the Ivory Coast represented a more modern example of what was admittedly a bad way to run the world. France's role in the Ivory Coast disputed election, THIS TIME, was appropriate and scientific and will allow that country to prosper again.

In fact, the Anglo-American power elite has been helping with revolutionary overthrows throughout the Middle East quite regularly. It's been startling to see. There are active regime changes in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria and of course the Ivory Coast. Western elites which have been training "youth revolutionaries" in these countries and others (see AYM) have found it is not enough in some cases to instigate peaceful "color revolutions." Hence the protracted fighting in Libya where the Anglosphere elites have now frankly targeted Muammar Gaddafi.

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