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Atlas Shrugged Adding theaters!

465 theaters and counting. Not near you yet? DEMAND Atlas to your town. Theaters being added regularly. ATLAS SHRUGGED MOVIE: Latest News
Official Rearden Metal Bracelet
On sale now: Official Rearden Metal Bracelet as worn by Taylor Schilling in Atlas Shrugged: Part 1.
Lillian Rearden Voice Mail released
Lillian Rearden is not quite sure what Atlas Shrugged is about but says everyone's talking about it and it's the hottest ticket in town.
James Taggart Voice Mail released
James Taggart's voice mail urges all to support the State Science Institute by attending the charity showing of Atlas Shrugged this Friday.
Hank Rearden Voice Mail released
Hank Rearden's voice mail urges all to exercise power over their own life and see the Atlas Shrugged Movie this Friday.
Wesley Mouch Voice Mail released
Wesley Mouch's voice mail urges all to boycott the Atlas Shrugged Movie.
Atlas Shrugged Movie Scene: Dagny Confronts the Union.
Dagny Taggart takes the Union to task... "Get out."
"I am John Galt." - Be part of Atlas History
Be part of Atlas Shrugged History by submitting a 2-3 second clip of you stating "I am John Galt."
Francisco d'Anconia Voice Mail released
Francisco d'Anconia's voice mail disposes of the myth that money is the root of all evil.
ATLAS SHRUGGED Movie Tickets on sale NOW.
ATLAS SHRUGGED movie tickets are now on sale for select cities through Fandango. New cities being added regularly.
Atlas Shrugged Movie Music: The John Galt Theme
Official music written by Elia Cmiral, "The John Galt Theme" embodies the soul of Atlas Shrugged.
Atlas Shrugged Movie Train Barrels into Washington D.C.
Atlas heads to the Hill amidst Wisconsin Teachers Union controversy and Libya's internal meltdown.
Atlas Shrugged Movie Scene: Henry Rearden Comes Home
In response to the overwhelming reception, and seemingly endless debate, accompanying the unveiling of the Atlas Shrugged Movie trailer, we are proud to share with you a very special clip pulled directly from the film.
Atlas Shrugged Producer responds to Online Debate
"The Strike" Productions, Inc. announced the release of an unseen clip from the upcoming Atlas Shrugged movie. The full scene is to be available on the movie's YouTube channel at 9 am EST Monday February 21, 2011.
"ATLAS SHRUGGED" Movie Trailer Surpasses 500,000 Views on YouTube
Spurred on by an onslaught of viewer comments and debate, within 4 days of The Strike Productions, Inc. releasing the ATLAS SHRUGGED Movie trailer on YouTube, total views exceeded 500,000.
Official Atlas Shrugged Movie Trailer Unveiled
The long anticipated Atlas Shrugged Movie trailer went live at 4:30 EST Friday, February 11th, 2011.
"ATLAS SHRUGGED" Private Screening Event Announced
Harmon Kaslow and John Aglialoro, the producers of ATLAS SHRUGGED PART I, have announced a private screening on February 24, 2011 at Sony Studios in Culver City, California.
Official Atlas Shrugged Movie Poster Revealed
The official Atlas Shrugged Movie poster finally made its way to the printing presses today.
"ATLAS SHRUGGED" Movie Trailer World Premiering at CPAC, Feb. 11th
The Strike Productions ... announced the premiere of the "ATLAS SHRUGGED" movie trailer at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in Washington D.C. on Thursday, February 11th, 2011.

"ATLAS SHRUGGED" Movie Launches Official Web Site - The Countdown Begins
The Strike Productions announced today the release of its Official Atlas Shrugged Movie Web Site.

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