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EU Rigor Tested As French Turn Against Immigration


France wants less integration . . . Eh bien, je jamais. The French government is demanding less European integration. President Sarkozy (left), furious at the sight of Tunisian migrants being waved through by Italian carabinieri, and uncomfortably aware that opinion polls put him behind the Front Nationale's Marine Le Pen, is demanding that the Schengen Treaty be revised to allow countries to reimpose frontier controls. – UK Telegraph/Daniel Hannan

Dominant Social Theme: Scurrilous EU policies much be staunched, even if WE put them in place.

Free-Market Analysis: So the French political leaders are finally reacting to the discontent of the larger French electorate with various EU programs. As a publication tracking the dominant social themes of the elites and their successes and failures, we find this an extraordinary turn of events.

As in America, from our point of view, one of the main points of the elite agenda is to leaven existing populations with new ones. This destroys cultural cohesiveness and when coupled with public school educations is a most effective way of demoralizing national identities and generally making populations more docile and less prone to resist whatever iteration of the new world order the elites currently have in mind.

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