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Is It Time To Give Up? (Obama, Banks and You)

We are about two points this evening from loss of confidence in the dollar. We lost the last two points in the last two days. This means we are two days - at this rate - from loss of final support below which the dollar has never traded. How far will it fall below there and how fast will gas go up in price? I have no idea but from the time Bernanke's Fed announced their decision this morning until now gasoline has gone up by 5.6 cents/gallon, gold is up about $20 and silver is up about $3.50. Ben is responsible for the entirety of those moves, as is Congress and our President, since Congress could remove The Fed's authority - but won't. Both love a rising stock market, you see, even though the bottom 50% of America owns basically no stocks - but they do buy a lot of food and gasoline. Then there's Obama. He allegedly provided his "birth certificate" this morning. Except that there's no reason to believe it actually is an image of the birth certificate. In fact, there's hard evidence it is not. Watch this video. The file on the White House's web server is manufactured. It is notably missing any sign of chromatic aberration. All color imaging sensors produce chromatic aberration, and if you blow up an image sufficiently you will see it. It is simply not present on Obama's "Birth Certificate." Anywhere. That "document" is a not an image. It is manufactured. We have had banksters put together bogus securities and sell them, claiming they were "money good." When they weren't, we paid - not them. Then they foreclosed on a million homes, many with bogus documentation. You lost your house, they skated. We had a bank that admitted to laundering nearly a half-trillion dollars for Mexican drug gangs, and got a slap on the wrist. The residents of Jefferson County Alabama got screwed to the tune of a few billion, and none of the banksters involved were even charged, say much less jailed. Arizona's Senate tried to protect homeowners and one lady in The House bent over and blew the bankster lobby, killing the bill. And now, today, our President claimed he had a photocopy made of his birth certificate to settle a question many people have had since before he was elected, and he published that for the world to see. But after close examination of the alleged document - an examination you can repeat for yourself to satisfy yourself that this is not some sort of sick joke - it is clear that this "certificate" is not a photograph, a photocopy or a scan. It was assembled. Is there anything left in this nation that is not a scam?

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