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Gonzalo Lira: The Strategic Planning Group

The site will be launching the week of May 6—I'll give you all a heads-up when it’s online. At the launch of the site, there’ll be two complete Scenarios: “Hyperinflation in America”, and something I’m calling “Exit America”. I’m very excited about “Exit America”. In this Scenario, I discuss what happens if the United States becomes unlivable. What would happen if—because of environmental, social or economic reasons—it became impossible to remain in America. What would you do? How would you protect your family, and your assets? Where would you go? How would you get there? In “Exit America”, we first analyze the various reasons that would make life in America intolerable, and then analyze the best places to move to—as well as how to get there. Hint: Most tropical islands don’t fit the bill. In “Exit America”, I’ll explain why. “Exit America”—like all the Scenarios at SPG—is a combination of written analysis and audio-visual material, as well as web-seminars and audience interaction: A full-spectrum learning unit.

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