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Obama birth certificate is a Fake (video of deconstructing layered PDF)

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Obama has released a long form birth certificate- this video shows that the .pdf the White House released was faked. All we are doing is using Adobe Illustrator and peeling back the digital layers someone forged upon this document. Previously, I thought the President was born in America and therefore eligible to hold the office. Now, after downloading this PDF from I now have questions that I did not have before. This document is a poorly done fake.

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Comment by kc kaaos
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You left out D.  In the USA you must be BORN here to hold the office of President...NOT just be a citizen.

Comment by Ed Price
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This Obama birth certificate thing is a big farce. Its only 2 reasons for existence are:
1. to hopefully take some of the pressure off Obama, and;
2. to help Trump gain popularity for the 2012 presidential race - helped by the white House, and those who are really behind Obama, by naming Trump as the one who put enough pressure on them so that they produced the "faulty" Obama birth certificate.

Here's why!

A. You don't need a birth certificate to be a United States Citizen. You either are a citizen, or you are not.

B. Your affidavit stating that you are a U.S. citizen is enough to make you a citizen... until it is controverted by another affidavit set forth by someone who knows you are not a citizen. If this happens, and it is proven to be true that you are not a citizen, then you have committed perjury in your affidavit where you stated that you were a citizen. In the case of Obama, if he were found to have perjured himself, it would be some form of criminal, treasonous act that might demand the death penalty.

C. It has been shown that the White House birth certificate is a lie on the face of it. Because of this, the only thing that it means is that the White House is a liar. It doesn't have anything to do with Obama U.S. citizenship. His citizenship is based on some other document... possibly an affidavit.

D. The reason why patriot investigators are looking for an Obama birth certificate, is to prove that he is NOT a U.S. citizen. If ANYONE comes forward with personal, first hand knowledge that Obama is NOT a U.S. citizen, and presents this knowledge in affidavit form, this would start an official investigation.

As has been stated, not having a birth certificate is not sufficient evidence in itself that someone is NOT a U.S. citizen. This whole thing is a farce... propaganda designed to help Trump is his run for the presidency in 2012.

Comment by Samuel Adams
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  This birth certificate that popped up gives me the shivers like an eleven dollar bill! If Juan who just swam over the border can get one, i dont knowwwwww.

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