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Why should your property be ransacked by some goons just because some corporate farmers think by doing so it will keep their fruit unblemished?

It's really not about the fruit on the public side of this checkpoint...its mainly about control and taking inventory and gathering data about black (free) market goods entering into that oppressive tax hole called California.

I was told by Agent Brier that they also snitch to other governmental agencies. For instance in you have a pet alligator and they are not allowed in California they call the agency that handle "exotic" pets and report you. 

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Comment by Terry Bressi
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Great job 4409. You handled yourself and these gov't agents quite nicely during the suspicionless seizure of yourself and your property while demonstrating the limited legitimate authority of gov't goons to interfere with your travel inside the country.

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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Governments have the right to screen to prevent criminals and terrorists from migrating to, from and around the U.S. These check points are to screen to prevent the spread of sickness and are not being done to infringe on individual rights. Is this to say that 4409 wants to see the spread of sickness? If not, by delegitimizing these checkpoints that will happen. If it does then Sheldon is assisting in having everyone else's rights infringed upon since by making it easier for people to carry fruits and vegetables across state lines it makes things like malfly infestation more likely. Yet again we see another example of 4409 acting like a publicity hungry, neurotic, paranoid idiot.

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