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Survival Partnership: Getting Your Wife On Board for Prepping

 I wanted to write about how to possibly get your wife on board for when SHTF from my own experience.  I think I should start out with first giving all the credit to my husband.  In vain he had tried for many years to get me on board.  He would request that we purchase guns, have supplies, buy gold/silver etc.  All that talk and the only word I ever heard was gun.  Are you kidding me?  Guns had always represented a negative feeling inside me.  Now I don’t want to go into the discussion of whether they are right or wrong because that’s not what this article is about.
My husband tried many approaches.  I used to think; here he goes again wanting to play Army Man.   Nope, not going to happen.  It was as if I had blinders on, walking through life.  Yeah, yeah, yeah I heard the news reports, read the paper, listen to the talk.  I was not so naive to believe that our country was not progressing the way it should be.  But like most Americans I was too busy in my own life to get all worked up about problems I couldn’t solve.  Leave all that big stuff to the people in charge.  That’s why I pay my taxes and vote to have people represent me.  Right?

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