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Foreclosure-Gate Arizona: Legislators Embargo Pre-Foreclosure Chain of Title Legislation

From what I can discern from talking to various involved parties, the consensus is that any bill that requires the banks or mortgage servicers to even discuss the issue of proper chain of title as being part of the foreclosure process is unquestionably doomed to failure in Arizona’s House of Representatives and therefore, there is no point in sending such a bill to the House… it is nothing more than an exercise in futility. And it is on that basis alone that the opposition to SB 1259, or to the Blomberg amendment that was never proposed, justifies their actions to block any progress of these proposed legislative changes. The problem with this line of thinking as it pertains to SB 1259 is that it subverts our democratic process. The Arizona state senate voted by a margin of 28-2 to pass SB 1259 into law, and the way our bicameral legislature works… when it works… is that next the House gets to vote. If both the senate and the House pass the bill, it’s heads over to the governor’s desk where it might be signed into law… or it might be… class, class… oh, now lets not always see the same hands… it might be vetoed… that’s right boys and girls. But not this time, I’m afraid. This time the senate passed a bill 28-2… but its opponents want me to believe that sending it to the House is nothing but a total waste of time. Oh, really? Well, I’d like to see an example of another bill in Arizona’s legislative history that passed the senate 28-2, only to be unanimously voted down in the House. Has that ever even happened? 28-2 means someone was for it… no, check that… it means that an overwhelming majority were for it. What’s the deal among Arizona politicians?

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