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Watching The Gulag Rise Around Us

One reader put her answer to this farce like this: "They will be doing this to keep "activists and dissidents" under complete control. With these data bases they can also control all other rights and services to the people of America. This goes beyond fascism - we are already well into Tyranny/Dictatorship!" Which brings us to the real dichotomy: With all the SECURITY and Fascism in full roar: Who will still have a job to pay for all the bogus services and unnecessary product-purchases that are keeping these Corporate-Pirates in business? Who will be left to own the cars and buy the useless crap or even subscribe to the phony medical services or engage in the criminally-fixed court cases that won't be able to go anywhere anyway? This is the real collision-point where the insanity of government and private corporate-interests runs straight into the new requirements of POLICE-STATE-SECURITY that seems determined to only allow people to exist in order to detain, to torture and prosecute as many of us as they can? Then overlay this entire national-masquerade with their international plans to totally destroy all international laws that might limit their grandiose-plans to steal the rest of the world for the elites that are underwriting and coercing every conflict on the planet? In reality, if everything and everyone is nothing but a target-of-opportunity for these international-OUTLAWS; then who or what will be left to create anything worth stealing-anywhere?

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