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Osama bin Laden, Hamas-Fatah, the Muslim Brotherhood and hopes for peace in the Middle East

• The Political Commentator, Michael Haltman
Breaking good news/bad news: Osama bin Laden killed! The good news is that Osama bin Laden is dead! Kudos to our national intelligence complex and to the Navy Seals who pulled it off. The bad news is that bin Laden's death, while a great thing and long overdue, in no way ends the global war on terror and may actually act as some kind of a signal for terror sleeper cells around the world. Also consider the fact that Osama bin Laden was apparently living comfortably inside Pakistan, a fairly clear indication of whose side in the war on terror the rank and file people of Pakistan are on. Finally bin Laden's death could spark anti-American violence throughout Pakistan with the potential for the government to fall and for Islamic extremists to take over this nuclear armed nation. Two stories that catch the eye vis a vis Israel and the potential for Middle East peace. First are the political ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and second an Hamas-Fatah reconcilia

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