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UN Strong-Arming Little Sri Lanka Is World's Biggest Untold Story?


How, then, has it come about that this little man has engaged in antics that have deeply upset us in Sri Lanka for several weeks? He may have been within his rights in appointing a three-member panel to advise him on alleged war crimes committed in Sri Lanka. But it is questionable whether he can go further, for which he has no UN mandate. Obviously, powerful forces are arrayed behind him, one of which is certainly the US as suggested by some seeming coincidences. Another is Britain, because it is known that where the American juggernaut goes, the British poodle follows. They are the forces in the conspiracy behind the Ban Ki-Moon antics, about which I believe there will be widespread agreement both within and outside Sri Lanka. – The Sri Lanka Island Newspaper

Dominant Social Theme: The United Nations is putting pressure on countries to be more moral and governments to be righteous. But that's not the whole story ...

Free-Market Analysis: The United Nations is increasingly being used by the Anglo-American axis in the Great Game of world domination and if one understands the strategic reality it is truly a disgusting scenario. The UN is increasingly functioning as a kind of beard for Western militarism. We can see it in a little-known confrontation in Sri Lanka involving the world's biggest powers. (More on that below). But there are still larger ramifications. Take the very largest view, in fact, and one cannot help but be struck by the parallels between the wars that the power elite fomented once the Gutenberg press began to upset the powers-that-be and the wars surrounding the advent of the Internet.


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