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Gonzalo Lira: Sorry, But I Don’t Believe This

To insist: I do not for a second doubt that he is indeed dead. I just don’t believe that he was killed this past weekend. I believe that he died quite some time ago—years ago, in fact. In my mind, whoever was killed this weekend was not Osama Bin Laden. I am way outside the mainstream on this. The mainstream consensus this morning is that this was a “great victory”. President Obama gave what amounted to a “Mission Accomplished” speech. People were celebrating outside the White House and on Times Square as if it were V-E Day. (As an aside, I do have to point out how ugly it is to celebrate the killing of another human being. Because that is what we saw in New York and Washington: People cheering in the streets, celebrating a murder. It’s not only ugly, indeed, it is repulsive.) But I don’t really see how this assassination is a “victory”. President Obama claims “Justice has been done”—but that’s simply not true. Justice would have been served if he had been captured, flown to New York, and tried in a (civilian) court for the events of 9/11. Extra-judicial assassination is not “justice”—it’s merely revenge, something that Christianity, the dominant morality of the United States, specifically rejects. Don’t believe me? Read Matthew 5:38, or more apropos, Luke 6:27.

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