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After killing bin Laden, Obama’s approval highest since 2009


WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama enjoyed his highest favorable ratings in well over a year on the day after he ordered a U.S. operation that led to the death of Osama bin Laden.

Fifty-six percent said they approve of Obama's performance as president, according to a Washington Post-Pew Research poll taken Monday. Thirty-eight percent disapproved, and six percent weren't sure.

That's a nine-point jump from last month, when 47 percent approved and 45 percent didn't. It comes at a time when Obama's popularity has been struggling due to high gas prices and nagging unemployment. It's the president's highest approval rating since 2009; he never reached that mark last year.

The Post-Pew poll surveyed 654 randomly selected adults over the phone on May 2, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5 percentage points.


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Comment by Anonymous
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The expectation is that Obama will win his 2012 re-election bid because he had declared Osama bin Laden dead – killed by operatives he formed as Commander-In-Chief to get the Public Enemy No. 1. Applause … applause!

But I disagree. On the contrary – in the heat of the 2012 election campaign -- Obama will be fried in his own lard. If Osama is dead, where’s the dead body? And from today up to the day of 2012 election there is still no dead body showing up, Obama will become the underdog.

Millions of supporters of Osama bin Laden in the U.S. [millions of the enemy within who hate America as "The Evil Empire"] will argue and bring hordes of friends to the polls who suspect that the killing if true was in fact "murder". And still millions of the in-between will counter-ask Obama if indeed it was "murder", where is the CORPUS DELICTI? They want to see the body of the crime … not just the body brought forth by excessive emission of saliva from the president’s mouth.

The prima facie showing of the Corpus Delicti is necessary to establish not just a visual but a moral certainty that bin Laden is dead. I expect Congressman Ron Paul of Texas who is also running for president to bring up and headline this issue. It has been earlier reported that Paul will be running for president again on the same platform he had before that 911 was not the fault of Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda terrorists but that of Americans who went to the Middle East and poked their nose on Muslims’ Islamic affairs.

Of course I expect this Libertarian paper-revolutionary favorite from Texas to lose again – and perhaps Paul will never win the presidency at all just to be frankly real -- because he wanted to be president of the United States of America without a central bank [he hates Bernanke and the Federal Reserves run by financial "pirates" and manned by "thieves"] or to be president of the greatest nation on the planet without an income tax; a stay-at-home policy in international relations; expel the U.N. headquarters in New York; abolish foreign aids and just be Americans and live like great Americans inside the country, never mind the other people of the world who only want our dollar; cut down military buildup and if possible declare war unconstitutional and many more that many emotional Libertarians indorse but I as a Libertarian of reason totally disagree, and unconditionally disapprove.

How much will this confuse Obama’s chance of winning the 2012 presidential derby is the subject of worried speculations. Paul can pull millions of his supporters – die-hards who believed him that those condemned Muslim terrorists should not be blamed for 911 – take his millions of followers out of the main candidates’ orbit, and if Al Qaeda retaliates for the reported killing of bin Laden [God forbids!], add to it the fact that Americans have never seen the reported "killing" and body of bin Laden, then Obama is done … his hope of winning although he is a favorite, could be torpedoed by what is called in Poker a "bad beat".

Comment by Barbara Peterson
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My, my. Isn't it a coincidence that Bin Laden was trotted out for the last time, making Barry Soetoro the "Warrior in Chief," and boosting his approval ratings before the election. Whoever, or whatever they threw over the ship in a supposed "Islamic" burial was either Bin Laden's frozen corpse, or some other stooge that was unlucky enough to be in the way, because Bin Laden has been dead for years. Think that no one would pull a stunt like this just to improve ratings? Then you don't know the mind of a psychopath, especially the rich ones. 

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