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‘Nazi guard’ Demjanjuk’s lawyer calls for acquittal

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Alleged Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk's lawyer called Tuesday for his client to be acquitted in final arguments at the end of a high-profile trial in Germany.

Lawyer Ulrich Busch told the court in Munich, where the Ukrainian-born 91-year-old has been on trial since November 2009, that documents from Germany's federal office for investigating Nazi crimes proved his innocence.


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Comment by Ed Price
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Of course we need to see and hear, constantly, about how bad Hitler and the Nazi's were. But, they were like a walk on the beach compared with Stalin... Stalin, our ally. Check the Internet for how many Jews and Christian Jews and others Stalin executed. As many as 10 times Hitler.

Who would want Hitler as ruler of the world? Nobody! Yet Hitler took Germany from a weak, impoverished nation - a nation that had been devastated by WWI - to possibly the strongest nation (at least strongest size for size) in the world. And he did it in about 6 years... by destroying the world banking system in Germany.

It was really the world banking system that worked through Stalin and the United States to destroy Hitler and the Nazi's.

Is the world banking system any better than Hitler and the Nazi's? Not really. Just different, working behind the scenes to control and conquer everyone... even the whole world.

So let's focus on Hitler and the Nazi's so that we forget to look at the many far greater evils that the world banking system is doing around the world today as they did working through Stalin back then.

Do you think that there might be a racial or ethnic group behind the world banking system? If there is, might it be the same one that was behind the Stalin, as his governing body, governing all of the Soviet Union?

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