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Stupid Is As Stupid Does: Kill An Unarmed Osama, Then Interrogate His Wife

The Daily Mail reports: The wife [of bin Laden] is now said to be at the centre of a diplomatic custody battle because the US wants to interrogate her but has been rejected by Pakistan. Why would you kill an unarmed Osama and then battle over interrogating his wife? In time, this will look like a poorly thought out operation. The US just killed the guy who could provide the most information on Al Qaeda. As for interrogating the wife, the US just wants to shut her up--and they have to be really concerned about the 12 year old daughter. If the daughter gets into the hands of anti-US elements, she will be all over the web with her version of what went down--with real tears, not Hill & Knowlton orchestrated phony tears . A snatch & grab operation appears to be something that could have been pulled off. Obama's decision to takeout Osama will ultimately be viewed as a very poor decision and the burial at sea as absurd. This is not a long-term win for Obama.

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