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Messages From The New World Order: Killing Osama 66 Years After Hitler

Are you kidding me?? Seal Team 6 killed OBL on the 66th anniversary of Hitler's death on the same day the Illuminati was created at 3:30 EST (33) as the result of putting a bullet through his LEFT EYE!! Come on guys! Wake up. They're just mocking your total ignorance... I think I’m starting to understand some of what is going on behind the scenes. Recently you mentioned two things. One was that our destruction begins on Mayday. The other was when you pointed out the symbolic date for declaring Bin Laden’s death…66 years to the date that Hitler was declared dead. (Oh, and the feact it was Beltane, which is properly celebrated with a human sacrifice...just a coincidence, no doubt). Indeed it is a Lucy message, or a Lindsey Williams “buz-word.” World War II ended symbolically when Hitler was taken out. World War III, mostly in the Middle-east will most likely begin with Bin Laden’s demise. We have cut the head off of a hydra, and now many more heads will grow back in its place. Just as we have had Remember 9-11 as our Pearl Harborevent battle cry, now the Moslems now have remember Bin Laden. This is a catalyst to get the chaos flowing, for world war, and…to make Obeyme look presidential again, just in time for the elections. It distracts us from Obeyme’s newest fake birth certificate, and also unifies the Americans and the Moslems against each other. Yes, our destruction truly is beginning on Mayday! I now await New Madrid being set off (by flooding, the usual scalar stuff, or by whatever means) and lots of nukes, bio-attacks, or what ever other forms of retaliation in the Continental United States. This all fits in their Phoenix rising from its own ashes plan of creative destruction.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Hitler committed suicide.  Remember the body?

 Oh, wait ....

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