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All Hail Caligula: Some Ruminations on Children of Empire

Obama terminates Osama ? Y'know it's a fucking circus out there! From a royal pageant, sorry I mean wedding, that the high (very high) Victorians would have loved, to a playstation assassination, well almost, what with Obama watching it live in the White House (apparently) and the slaughter of Gaddafi's family and friends. All in the space of a couple of days of each other. This is information overload on an entirely different level. This is what a world ruled by Capital looks like. A nightmare orgy of destruction. Unbelievable... but true. For any of you familiar with Roman history we are now firmly in Caligula territory, 'taking out' whomever we please, age, sex, location or 'guilt', immaterial. Faithfully played to us citizens of Empire to the sounds of cheers and flags waving as we celebrated the death of a (long dead?) Osama bin Laden, or was that the royal wedding? I'm confused, the two events have fused together, media-wise? And buried at sea? Gimme a break! So what, they just bagged up the remains, loaded it into a helicopter and dropped it in the nearest ocean? If you believe this then I fear you really are losing touch with reality. This is what the BBC reports the US told it: Mr Carney said the body was prepared for burial "in conformance with Islamic precepts and practice", then placed in a weighted bag and dropped into the water from the vessel's deck. Officials said this was to avoid his grave becoming a shrine. -- 'Bin Laden 'was shot unarmed' - US'', BBC Website, 3 May 2011 It's pure Roman gladiator stuff, dished up courtesy the corporate/state media hegemon and forgotten a couple of weeks later, to take up its position in our corporately created collective memory, that place where the illusion of bin Laden was already firmly embedded. After all, who gives a shit whether Osama lives or dies? Not many and I bet a whole lot more people would rather he be alive today than dead (again). A testament to a sorry state of affairs that the best we've got to offer as an alleged opponent of the Empire is a man formerly on the payroll of the CIA, but already a wealthy Saudi Arabian businessman and virulent anti-communist t'boot. 'al-Qu-eda' indeed... Then you add in the fact that guy has been hanging out in a gigantic mansion for years, only miles from Pakistan's capital, right on the main highway would you believe, yet all those drones, satellites and local 'assets' didn't figure out where he was 'hiding'? It stretches my credulity to the breaking point but not, apparently the media's:

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