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E Ink Shows Off Rollable, Scrunchable, and Video Screens


E Ink, the company that pioneered the electrophoretic displays used in gadgets like the Amazon Kindle, won't have a new fancy screen this year. But that doesn't mean they're taking it easy: They've got a host of projects, from color- and video-enabled displays to screens that can be printed on cloth and then crumpled.

E Ink is always working on new ways to use their electrophoretic technology; they were showing an early color e-ink prototype at CES two years ago. These videos show that there might be more use to this kind of ultra-low-power, easy-on-the-eyes screens than just ebook readers (although we do adore the Kindle's current-gen E Ink Pearl screen). These demos show that e-ink displays can be embedded into other materials--the video below shows it sewn right into a bit of Tyvex cloth, the super-tough, paper-like cloth used in shipping envelopes.

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