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Will Bin Laden's Death Justify More War?


Osama bin Laden killing: Victory in the war on terror is now within the West's reach After Osama bin Laden's death, we can finally destroy al-Qaeda and finish the job in Afghanistan. – UK Telegraph/ Con Coughlin

Dominant Social Theme: Use this opportunity to kill a lot more people?

Free-Market Analysis: The Telegraph's truculent war columnist Con Coughlin is in full cry post bin Laden. Our point regarding the al-Qaeda chief's demise, made yesterday, was that the West had designed it in order to quit Afghanistan "with honor." The probably false death of bin Laden was designed to smooth the way for this event. But as certain feedbackers pointed out yesterday, and as Coughlin now points out, there are other possibilities, other dominant social themes. According to Coughlin, bin Laden's death provides the West with a new opportunity to win its various wars. In this article, we'll examine that possibility.

For Coughlin and others who think like him, the peace dividend is always to be spent pursuing further war. This is generally an elite meme anyway. The Anglo-American elite uses war as a main tool of control. But sometimes it is more effective than at other times. We believe that the Western elites may have miscalculated as regards their world-spanning ambitions in large part due to the Internet that is destroying their fear-based schemes as fast as they can be applied.

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